Yakitori house

Japanese Cantonese

5 Saint Bryde Street East Kilbride, Glasgow, G74 4HQ

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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

Serve with pancakes, vegetables garnish and hoisin sauce

Chinese style BBQ pork

Served with chips and salad

Served with Sushi,starter, main, steamed rice and miso soup. Extra £1. 50 for change fried rice or Extra £2.00 for noodles

Traditional ramen noodle, choice of soup base with beansprouts, nori, boiled egg, bamboo shoot, seaweed, fungus and spring onion

Salad bowl with sesame, avocado, edamame, nori, mooli, pickled ginger, spring oniong, carrot and cucumber

Fresh premium cuts of fish served raw

Temaki (1 Piece) Rice and filling wrapped in cone of nori

Maki Mono Rice and filling wrapped in nori cylinder

Nigiri (2 Piece) Rice with filling on top

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