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Japanese Noodles Halal

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Our famous teriyaki dishes come with rice

Very Popular

It comes with salad, rice, miso soup, fried tofu and katsu sauce dip

If you do not like it to be dry please add Katsu Curry

Comes with miso soup, fried tofu, rice, mixed salad

A popular and comforting dish enjoyed throughout Japan and around the world.

Stir-fried Japanese noodles with veggies, meat, or seafood in a savory sauce. A delightful umami experience!

In order to maintain great quality of the soup, we will deliver your broth in a separate container

Comes with mixed leaves, mastered leaves, seaweed, cucumber, tomatoes, rice, avocado, fruits & carrots

Egg based Japanese pizza, cooked with Japanese herbs and served with Japanese mayo and katsu sauce

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