Sushi Japanese

15 Bittacy Hill, London, NW7 1HS

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8 pieces small rolls of rice and seaweed with variety of filling

8 pieces inside out rice and seaweed rolls with a variety of fillings and tasty sauce

5 pcs of large rolls of rice & seaweed with variety of filling

1 pcs

3 pieces thick slice of fresh raw seafood

Served over pressed vinegared rice

Tempura deep fried in a light batter with tempura sauce (served with sweet chilli mayo)

A bento is a compact, balanced, visually appealing meal in a Japanese traditional meal box

Japanese sticky rice with vegetable and garnish

Stir fried thin noodles with vegetable

Deep fried dumpling (served with sweet chilli mayo)

Stir fried thick noodles with vegetable

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