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Japanese Sushi

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Sushi Futomaki Rolls 5 Pieces

Sushi rice and fillings delicately wrapped in nori, dried sheets of roasted seaweed, and sliced into bite-sited pieces.

Maki Small Thin Rolls 6 Pieces

Like futomaki, these sushi rice rolls are also wrapped in dried sheets of roasted seaweed and sliced into bite sized pieces, but with a focus on one or two ingredients at their centre.

An oval-shaped ball of sushi rice hand-pressed by our sushi chefs before carefully draping over the fresh topping of your choice.

Beautifully carved slices of our finest, fresh fish served raw on a bed of shredded daikon radish.

A rolled cone is created using a sheet of nori, dried, roasted seaweed, then filled with sushi rice and fillings of your choice. Designed to be eaten by hand.

Crystal Roll 4 Pieces

Sushi rice and fillings wrapped in sheets of white rice paper instead of the traditional 'nori' seaweed. Served in bite size pieces.

An oval, hand-formed ball of sushi rice carefully wrapped with a strip of nori, dried, roasted seaweed, to create a 'vessel' filled with the topping of your choice.

Cucumber Gunkan 2 Pieces

Created in the same way as gunkan, but wrapped with a fine strip of cucumber instead of nori.

Sushi Boxes (Ideal for One)

Yamazaki Party Platters

Starters or Side Dishes

Soup & Soup Noodles (Mild / Spicy)

Yakisoba Noodle Dishes

Our traditional Japanese stir-fry dish of fish or meat and vegetables served with thin, wheat egg soba noodles.

Thick, white noodles (without egg) are at the heart of these dishes with your choice of fresh fish, meat or vegetables.

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