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  • Tilapia Fish Pepper Soup

    Tilapiafish boiled and mixed with special pepper soup spice to cook soup.


  • Catfish Pepper Soup

    Catfish boiled and mixed with special pepper soup spice to cook soup.


  • Assorted Meat Pepper Soup

    Assorted meat boiled and mixed with special pepper soup spice to cook soup.


  • Meat-Pie

    Made of flour with minced meat, carrots & potatoes, well seasoned to taste


  • Moinmoin Elewe

    Steamed blended black eye beans with pepper & cooked with boiled egg wrapped in a banana leaf


  • Moinmoin in Plastic

    Steamed blended black eye beans with pepper & cooked with boiled egg


  • Assorted Gizdodo

    Chicken gizzard, chicken chunks, king-prwans, fried plantain. All stewed in spicy sauce.


  • Beef Suya

    Beef & spices grilled in oven


  • African Bread

    African bread, comes sliced & unsliced


  • Puffpuff 4 Pieces

    A simple mixed of flour, yeast & sugar fried in a ball


  • Fried plantain

    Plantain deep fried


  • Spicy Turkey



  • Nkwobi

    Tender cow leg marinated into African spice. Contains shell fish/ palm oil


Rice Dishes

  • White Rice

    Boiled white rice


  • Fried Rice

    Rice cooked with mixed vegetables, shrimps & liver  served with protein of your choice


  • Jollof Rice

    Boiled rice in marinated pepper & tomato sauce served with protein of your choice


  • Native rice

    Long grain rice cooked with palm oil and African spice. Contains fish and shellfish.


Yam Dishes

  • Fried Yam with Pepper Sauce


  • Yam Pottage

    Yam cooked in marinated pepper & sauce


Beans Dishes

  • Ewa Igbanyin

    Boiled beans cooked with a special pepper sauce



  • Assorted Meat Red Stew

    Marinated beef, tripe & cow leg cooked in tomato sauce


  • Assorted Meat (Ayamase - Hot Stew)

    Well seasoned green pepper cooked with assorted meat


  • Beef Red Stew

    Beef cooked in a mild tomato sauce


  • Chicken Red Stew

    Chicken (wings, drumsticks) stewed in a tomato sauce


  • Fried Fish Red Stew

    Fried hake fish stewed in tomato sauce


  • Efro Riro Assorted Soup

    Served with choice of protein Vegetable spinach soup made with palm oil & crayfish comes served with assorted meat


  • Egusi Assorted Soup

    Served with choice of protein Melon & pepper cooked together & spinach, served with assorted meat


  • Ogbono Assorted Soup

    Ogbono soup cooked with crayfish & ugu leaves served with assorted meat


  • Bitter Leaf Assorted Soup

    Sweet tasting soups using the finest bitter leaves served with assorted meat


  • Mixed Okro soup

    Okra, onions, habanero pepper, red bell pepper, locust bean, and various seasonings.


  • Goat meat red Stew




  • Grilled Tilapia

    Grilled large tilapia fish seasoned with spices & served with a special sauce, Fried plantain, fried yam. Pre-order is strongly advised.


  • Grilled Croaker Fish

    Grilled large croaker fish seasoned with spices and srverd with Fried plantain, fried yam and special sauce. Call the restaurant to pre-order.



  • Pounded Yam

    Maximum two per order


  • Semolina


  • Amala


  • Eba



  • Coca Cola Zero Sugar 330ml


  • Sprite 330ml


  • Can diet coke 330mls


  • Can coke 330mls


  • Can orange Fanta 330mls


  • Bottle water 500mls


Curry Dishes

  • Chicken Curry



  • Beef curry




  • Cutlery

    Spoon. Fork. Knife.



  • Small chips



  • Large chips



  • Sausage

    2 deep fried sausage


  • Pastie

    1 deep fried pastie


  • Chicken Goujons

    5 pieces battered chicken goujons


  • Chicken Goujons and chips

    4 pieces of battered goujons with chips


  • Chicken Nuggets

    6 pieces of battered chicken Nuggets


  • Chicken Nuggets and chips

    5 Pieces of chicken Nuggets with chips


  • Southern Fried shredded chicken

    8 pieces


  • Southern Fried Chicken fillet

    3 pieces


  • Salt & chilli chicken chunks

    4 pieces


  • Buffalo chicken wings

    4 pieces


  • Sausage supper

    2 sausages and chips


  • Pastie supper



Friday 12 July 2024
very terrible service. Food not received but marked as delivered with no way to contact the delivery driver to ask of the whereabouts of my food. very very poor service. sent an email and told I will receive an email in a few days,very shocking.
Friday 05 July 2024
Very delicious jollof rice 👍
Wednesday 03 July 2024
We have not received the food and the restaurant is not providing help to locate the driver
Sunday 30 June 2024
Saturday 29 June 2024
It is the second time now my food was left on the ground by the rooad that passes infront of my place. Even a dog is not served like that. On both occasions the delivery men do not see anything wrong with that and they are argumentative. For the first time I had decided that I will never buy from you again. In the last couple of weeks I became desperate as my favourite restaurant seems to be closed. I started ordering from you again and in no time you repeated the same behaviour. Im disgusted.
Yetunde's Kitchen replied
Hi Victor, I do hope you know how Just-Eat updates? Just-Eat is an app, third party per say. Buying from our restaurant and selling to you. However I do understand your dissatisfaction in the service. I will escalate the issue and ensure you get apology and compensation. While Just-Eat should train their drivers on saftety food handling. YK
Saturday 29 June 2024
Thursday 27 June 2024
Saturday 22 June 2024
Thursday 20 June 2024
Good ser in ice
Monday 17 June 2024

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Just imagine relaxing in your favourite comfy chair and dreaming about what mouth-watering food you could be devouring tonight If only you could order online by just a few clicks? well, wonder no more, by using the JUST-EAT service you can order from Yetunde's Kitchen and have someone else cook your meal and deliver it to you. We know what you’re thinking ‘Not a bad idea right’? Browse the menu and see what you fancy, it really is that simple. #dontcookjusteat. Then after you have eaten, we would love to hear what you think of our food and service by leaving feedback on the JUST EAT Site

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