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Kebab Pizza

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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day. Equal to 8400 kJ.

Rice not included

Chicken (off the bone). Rice not included.

Rice extra

Rice extra. All these dishes are prepared tikka style & cooked with fresh garlic, ginger & a touch of mix pickle & special balti sauce. A great tasty dish prepared, served in balti to required strength.

Rice extra

Rice extra. These dishes are prepared & served in cast iron karahi (souk). Very rich flavour is obtained by using fresh ginger, garlic, green peppers & onions are also used but can be left out it your wish, for an extra bite, ask for green chillies to be added.

Cooked tenderly in rice, delicately flavoured with special spices & saffron. Served with curry sauce & salad.

Extra toppings are available

Served with pitta bread, salad & sauce. Separate salad 50p & sauce 50, range of dip for 50p extra

King kebabs served with naan bread

Don't be shy! Ask for as much salad & sauce on your burgers as you like. I have told my guys not to charge any extra.

All meals served with chips & a can of soft drink.

All our pizzas have cheese & tomato base

Stuffed crust & extra toppings are available

Large chapati wrapped in chips, cheese, salad & sauce

Mixed contains chicken & donner

All meal served with chips & a can of soft drink

All tandoori dishes are cooked on charcoal in a clay oven and these specialities are served with salad, rice & curry sauce

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