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Chinese British

160 Oldham Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL7 9AN

Delivery from 18:10

Note: Due to COVID-19 drivers will not come upstairs in flats. Customers will need to come outside to collect their order.

Allergy advice:

Which ingredients can cause a problem? Cereal Containing Gluten, Peanuts, Nuts, Milk, Soya, Mustard, Lupin, Eggs, Fish, Crustaceans, Mollusks, Sesame Seeds, Celery, Sulphur Dioxide.

If you are allergic to Nuts, Seafood or any ingredients etc. Please advise us before placing an order.

Most of our dishes Contain Sesame Oil, Cooking Wine, Oyster Sauce & Soy Sauce.

Some of our dishes may contain: King Prawns, Shrimp, Peanuts, Cashew Nuts. Please ask a member of staff for more information.

All dishes do not include rice or chips.

Order over 20 pound, free prawn crack

30 pound, free mini vegetable rolls

40 pound, free hot salt pepper chicken wings.

All Contains: Egg

All Contains: Egg

Choose your meat.

Then choose your sauce:

A. XO sauce (Hot)

B. Thai red curry (Hot & Contains: Coconut Milk)

C. Thai green curry (Hot & Contains: Coconut Milk)

D. Thai sweet chilli sauce (Hot)

E. Green pepper in black bean sauce (Hot)

F. Black pepper sauce (Hot)

G. Satay sauce (Hot )

F. Black Pepper sauce (Hot)

G. Satay sauce (Hot)

H. Szechuan sauce (Hot)

I. Kung Po sauce (Hot & Contains: Peanuts or Cashew Nuts)

J. Curry (Hot)

K. Chilli & garlic sauce (Hot)

L. Honey & chilli sauce (Hot)

M. Hot spicy chilli sauce (Hot)

N. Cantonese sauce (Contains: Celery)

O. Oyster sauce

P. Ginger & spring onion

Q. Cashew nuts

R. Pineapple

S. Tomato

T. Broccoli

U. Bean sprouts

V. Bamboo shoots & water chestnuts

W. Mushroom

X. Chop suey (mixed vegetables)

Served with chips

All include one Capri-Sun or Ribena

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