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All meat are halal meat.

Need a quick refuel but definitely not a big-standard meal deal

Very tasty that you can’t miss it. 9 out of 10 customers like it.

All meat are halal meat.

First choose your meat or seafood or vegetables and then select from cooking style list to complete your order.

V= Vegetarian

Yummy Family contains: Chicken, beef and king prawn

All meat are Halal meat

A variety of vegetarian dishes and meals.

Eat them, defeat them and get as many vitamins as possible

This great idea was inspired by a lovely English lady Allie as her favorite is veg noodles in sweet chilli style. I hope you will enjoy it.

Creat your Own Box :

1 Choose your Rice or Noodles

2 Choose your Ingredients ( With Free Vegetables)

3 Choose your Cooking Style

All meat are halal meat.

Not sure about what you want , just have a look at our best selling set meals. Every meal is designed based on our customers feedback and marketing research. You are worth it.

All meat are halal meat.

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