Zaidy's Pizza

Pizza Kebab

14 Bolton Street Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 9HX

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From 6th April 2018, drinks affected by the Government's Sugar Tax are subject to an additional charge

All Zaidy's pizzas are made using fresh dough & 100% mozzarella cheese

7" Personal = 4 slices

9" Regular = 6 slices

12" Large = 8 slices

14" Extra large = 12 slices

For 9", 12" & 14" pizzas only

Choose your crust: Deep pan or thin crust

Choose a sauce: Tomato sauce, BBQ Pizza sauce or Garlic Butter

Mozzarella cheese: Regular or easy on cheese

Extra toppings are available

Packed with delicious toppings & cheese in a folded over pizza crust

Extra toppings are available for 75p each

All kebabs are served with fresh salad & sauce of your choice 

All wrapped in a warm flour tortilla & toasted for a mouth-watering taste

All meal are served with fries & a can of soft drink

All kids meals includes fries & Fruit Shoot drink

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