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All starters come with mint sauce and freshly made salad.

All starters come with mint sauce and freshly made salad.

These great dishes are marinated with fresh herbs and spices and then barbecued in a specialized Tandoori clay oven resulting in the most delicious and succulent kebabs. Served on a hot sizzler with fried onions and fresh green salad.

A very popular speciality dish. The combination of herbs and spices make this dish very tastefully spicy. Cooked with our special made balti sauce and garnished with onions, capsicums, tomatoes and generous touch of fresh coriander.

These wonderful dishes are recognised by everyone and have been enjoyed by generations of indian food lovers. Our careful selections of these favourite dishes are prepared with the finest ingredients to bring out its true authentic taste. Your chosen dish can be prepared with any of the following or create your own dish to suit your individual taste.

A very popular and well talked about dish. Prepared with saffron flavoured basmati pilau rice and special blend of spices, garnished withe tomatoes, cucumber and served with vegetable curry.

These special TAWA dishes are cooked with onions, green peppers, strong spice and herbs, service on a sizzling pan. TAWA is our chef's own creation's.

These dishes are prepared in an iron wok and smeared with chopped tomatoes, capsicums and ground spices garnished with fresh coriander and fried onions.

All these dishes are served with a fresh green salad.

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