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Online takeway menus


Online takeaway menus!

Paper takeaway menus: the most annoying part of takeaway ordering and the part that will soon be going the way of the dodo. Why? Information printed on paper introduces a host of problems. Firstly, they cannot be kept totally up-to-date, your local Chinese takeaway leaflet is out of date the minute it has been printed: prices could have changed; dishes could have been added; opening times could be different.

Secondly, no one wants a messy drawer full of paper. Admit it, we have all got one somewhere, usually the bottom drawer in the kitchen that you dare not open for fear of paper takeaway leaflets bursting out. Not only that but, to have a wide selection of takeaways to choose from, you need a lot of them. So your stash of Chinese and Indian takeaway menus slowly increases in size and messiness, rarely emptied, so you are often trying to order takeaway from old, out-of-date paper information. The solution? Ordering takeaway online from, easily browse a huge selection of takeaway menus that are kept constantly up-to-date and no need for a drawer full of paper.

See below for a selection of our online takeaways

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