Adding Credit to your Account

Adding credit to your account

Right, let’s do this. To use your voucher:

  1. Sign in to the desktop version of the website (Sorry you can't use this code on our app just yet)
  2. Head to your account here
  3. Click ‘Account Credit’ and pop the voucher code in the box provided then click 'OK
  4. Hit ‘Ok’
  5. If the code has worked you will see a 'Paycode Activated' message

Top tip -If you don’t see the credit straight away, you may need to sign out and sign in again.
You’ll need to enter this code to your account within 30 days of it being issued. But once your account has been credited you can use the amount any time.
Here's a few more nice-to-know nuggets...

  1. Once your account’s been credited, just add your items as normal, then when you arrive at the order checkout page, select the ‘Pay from account’ from the payment options.
  2. The difference between your voucher and the total can only be paid by card and can not be used in conjunction with Apple or Google Pay.
  3. You don't have to spend the entire voucher in one go, anything you don't spend can be used on a future order.
  4. JUST EAT credit cannot be used in conjunction with any individual restaurant’s discount offers.
  5. Once the credit has been added to the account the voucher is non-refundable.

And that’s everything! Let us know if you’re having any problems, otherwise enjoy your takeaway.