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For those days when only an old-school Chinese noodle box will do, order Chopstix Noodle Bar in the UK. A staple of the UK quick-serve food scene, Chopstix has been providing flavourful, quick noodle boxes since its early days as a Camden market stall in 2001. The Chopstix Noodle Bar menu is an ingenious concept - you choose the box size and ingredients, and Chopstix gets to work. Whether you want classic golden noodles, standard rice or egg-fried rice, you can top your carb of choice with a wide range of delicious ingredients. Pick precisely what you want, from vegetarian-friendly pumpkin katsu to sweet, sticky teriyaki beef and sweet chilli prawns. Perfect as a quick office lunch or late-night fuel, Chopstix is your go-to option for nourishing noodle boxes. Book a Chopstix Noodle Bar delivery in the UK today for the freshest Asian flavours brought directly to your door.