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At Cooplands Bakery, their bakers bake fresh pasties and savoury goods each day, making it an ideal choice for a quick lunch or an easy and tasty snack. Order a Cooplands Bakery delivery to the office or your front door with Just Eat.

Dishes at Cooplands Bakery

Enjoy one of Cooplands Bakery’s signature pasties or pies – will you choose a traditional Steak Bake or go for the Sausage, Bean & Cheese Pasty? Or for lunchtime, opt for a sandwich or salad.

Start your day off with a bacon or sausage sandwich in a freshly baked roll, or go for The Works and choose your favourite breakfast items. Or, if you’d like something sweet, explore their range of doughnuts, muffins, cakes, and traybakes. And don’t forget to finish off with a drink!

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