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Thanks to One Stop delivery in the UK, you can treat yourself to a delicious snack at home. The One Stop menu features an extensive variety of ready meals, pizza, snacks, baked goods and drinks. From the One Stop chicken tikka masala and One Stop beef lasagne to the Coppenrath & Wiese chocolate fudge cake and a 2-pack of Chicago Town pepperoni pizza, there is something to satisfy your cravings. Want something sweet? Try the Cadbury Twirl orange, Aero giant peppermint, Cadbury milk chocolate fingers or McVitie’s penguin. Need something for your four-legged buddy? Choose the Go Cat chicken & duck dry for your cat or Dreamies chicken or cheese for your puppy. Don’t forget to order dairy & egg, like Muller Corner vanilla chocolate balls or Muller Corner strawberry. All your meals are guaranteed to be convenient and tasty when you order One Stop in the UK.