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If you are thinking of getting a delicious meal, order Vintage Inns in the UK. The Vintage Inns menu offers an extensive range of puddings and mains. There's also an incredible array of real ales, soft drinks, fine wines and spirits. The menu is sure to feature something that will take your fancy, from sticky toffee pudding and their signature burger to an 80oz sirloin or fish & chips. They also have a children's menu, so you can always get tasty foods for your kids, like beef burgers, battered cod fillets, beef lasagne, grilled chicken burgers or pork sausages. Need something to enjoy on a lazy Sunday? Go for a meat feast pizza or order the Sunday dishes (like pork belly). They come with beef dripping roast potatoes, thyme roasted carrots, Yorkshire pudding, honey & broccoli-roasted parsnips with gravy. For great-tasting dishes with little effort, get a Vintage Inns delivery in the UK!

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