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Caribbean takeaways and restaurants in Leeds

Real Caribbean Food. Delivered Real Quick.

Fiery Jerk Chicken, Fried Plantain, Curry Goat, Pepperpot, Ackee & Saltfish, Flying Fish & Cou Cou – Caribbean food is every bit as colourful as it sounds.

It’s also a big favourite with all you Just Eat customers that are in a hurry for Caribbean Cuisine. Packed with punchy herbs and spices. Full of fulsome flavour. Bursting with blends. And a feast of fun.

Caribbean cuisine is an ever-lively fusion of African, European and Cajun cooking. A mighty mix of many different cultures that create a unique and delicious style of dishes with bags of personality. Beautifully simple, too. Rice & Peas may not sound special but it is. Like everything else about Caribbean food. Of course, it seems even more special when it gets delivered to your front door.

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Best Caribbean restaurants in Leeds

Cabin Caribbean Cuisine
7 Reginald Row, Leeds, LS73HP
Maureen’s Caribbean Takeaway
105 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS85AJ
12 Thorpe Street, Leeds, LS104EZ
262 Tong Road, Leeds, LS123BG
Tunto's Aroma Grab & Go
204A York Road, Leeds, LS99LN