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In the heart of Bath, Chinese cuisine takes a centre stage with its aromatic flavours and vibrant dishes. Whether you're yearning for crispy spring rolls, rich sweet and sour chicken, or a comforting bowl of egg fried rice, Bath's culinary landscape delivers with authenticity. And the best part? With Just Eat, this rich experience is just an order away!

A Gastronomic Journey from the East
Chinese food is not just a meal; it's an adventure. From the fiery Szechuan delicacies to the mellow tastes of Cantonese dishes, there's a story in every bite. And in Bath, that narrative is amplified by the sheer variety available to indulge in.

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Hankering for a Chinese treat? Allow Just Eat to be your culinary concierge! With easy ordering, prompt delivery, and an array of Bath's top Chinese takeaways, every meal promises an unmatched dining experience. Enjoy Bath's Chinese delights, one bite at a time!

Best Chinese restaurants in Bath

Peking Chef
84 Saint Kilda's Road, Bath, BA23QJ
Cheong Sing
26 Moorland Road, Bath, BA23PW
Hong Kong Chef
5 Larkhall Buildings, Bath, BA16SA
Top Chef
4 Nelson Place, East Bath, BA15DA
6 Cheap Street, Bath, BA11NF