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In Blyth, our first partner joined us in May 2007. We now have 190 restaurant partners, serving over 25 different cuisines including Indian, Pizza, Chinese, Kebabs, Chicken. We work with the best restaurants and have had 24,096 reviews, with an average rating of 4.90. With a population of over 36,355, we want to feed everyone and our restaurants are open for business from 8:45AM until 11:59PM... What are you waiting for?

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Penne, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Pepperoni – we can all speak a little Italian when it comes to the food we fancy. If you’re looking for a one-fork fest of Mediterranean flavour, then Italian food, like Just Eat, delivers every time. Italian Pasta and Pizza are amongst everyone’s fave dishes. Italian Cuisine can be traced back to the 4th century with many periods of Italy’s rich and dramatic history producing all those rich and dramatic food flavours and styles.

There are about 350 different types of pasta alone with a wonderful variety of shapes, sizes and names. Linguine, Tagliatelle, Macaroni, Fusilli, Rigatoni – the list is as delicious as it is long. Then there are all those sumptuous sauces – creamy Carbonara, healthy Primavera, spicy Arrabbiata, tangy Marinara, rich and meaty Bolognese (the UK's favourite) and every one is a classic. Italian food is also full of wonderful appetisers, side dishes, desserts and coffees. Olives, Calamari, Tiramisu and a Cappuccino anyone? Just tap on your Just Eat app. 

Best Italian restaurants in Blyth

Quality Pizza
60 Waterloo Road, Blyth, NE241DG
306 reviews
Best Pizza Express
22 Woodhorn Road, Ashington, NE639AE
10 reviews
Antep Pizza
85 Station Road, Ashington, NE638RS
276 reviews
Big Mammas
4 Palace Road, Bedlington, NE227DR
204 reviews
Dimitri Pizza & Grill
3 Claremont Crescent, Whitley Bay, NE263HL
555 reviews
Sambuca - Bedlington Station
14-15 Station Road, Bedlington, NE225HB
24 reviews

Our customer reviews

  • Davanti Italia logo
    Best takeaway I’ve had in a long time….. unreal!!
    Davanti Italia
    6 Claremont Crescent, Whitley Bay, NE263HL
    732 reviews
    Vedran - 17/05/2022
  • Ristoranti Verdi logo
    As usual, the best.
    Ristoranti Verdi
    3 Vulcan Place, Northumberland, NE225DN
    114 reviews
    Tim - 15/05/2022
  • Chinchilla Pizzeria logo
    Very impressed
    Chinchilla Pizzeria
    84 Front Street East, Bedlington, NE225AB
    185 reviews
    Tom - 14/05/2022
  • Best Pizza Express logo
    Perfect as always. Literally steaming hot.
    Best Pizza Express
    22 Woodhorn Road, Ashington, NE639AE
    10 reviews
    Dominic - 14/05/2022