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Banitza, Kebapche, Shopska, Lyutenitsa – if you don’t know about Bulgarian food, it’s tastiness comes as a very welcome surprise. It has much in common with Greek and Turkish food but has a personality all of its own. No wonder really, Bulgaria’s history stretches back thousands of years, further back even than the Romans.

Bulgarian Cuisine is brilliant for slow-cooked stews, flavoured-packed vegetables and wonderfully cheesy dishes. The must-haves include Banitza (a fab and flaky filo pastry stuffed with cheese), Kebapche (amazing Bulgarian Kebabs with grated white cheese) and Musaka (the Bulgarian version of Moussaka with a lot more vegetables and eggs plus mushrooms and nutmeg). Ordering food in Bulgaria can be a little confusing though as shaking the head means ‘yes’ and nodding means ‘no’. Not a prob if you order from a takeaway near you via the Just Eat app.