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Say the word Oriental and you’ll often find yourself saying Singapore at the same time. (You should also say: Just East app if you want to enjoy some Oriental Cuisine fast.) Singapore Fried Noodles are an easy, one-pan stir fry dish loaded with Shrimp, Veggies & Vermicelli Noodles and seasoned with curry powder, scrambled eggs and a mix of Chicken, Beef, Char Siu Pork or Prawns. Another Singapore Fave Noodle Dish is Katong Laksa, a delicious Coconut Curry Soup inspired by the Chinese who live in the Katong area of Singapore. Laksa is found across most Asian Countries. Typically, it features Rice Noodles, Shrimp and lots and lots of Veggies wallowing provocatively in a spicy coconut-stock soup the colour of a flaming Asian sunset. Something else the colour of a flaming Asian sunset is one of our bright red Just Eat delivery bikes as it burns its way to you with a noodle feast safely on board.)