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Egg, Beans, Bacon, Sausage. Mushrooms, Tomato, Toast, Tea – a Full English Breakfast is a full-on feast. Dating back centuries, this hefty, plate-filling spectacular has gone on to challenge breakfast table legs all over the world. In this country, it’s still so popular that it’s offered as an ‘all-day’ item on many menus.

Many places also have much-loved versions of their own, with locally-sourced items and iconic national foods. Depending on where you are, you can order a ‘Full Scottish’ with Haggis, a ‘Full Irish’ with Irish Soda Bread or a ‘Full Welsh’ with Welsh Cockles and Laverbread. There are many Vegetarian Breakfast versions, too. And if you can’t manage a full one, there are plenty of other breakfast classic to tempt you, like the irresistible Bacon Sandwich or a round of something you really fancy on Toast. The best way to enjoy any of them is to simply order a takeaway from somewhere near you via the Just Eat app so you can stay in bed for half an hour longer.